I have had two readings with Betty.  The first was a few months after my daughter was murdered.  She said things only my daughter would have known. Betty is a gifted psychic.  I called her again today on my daughter’s 22nd  birthday. I feel Betty is the real deal. It feels like she is my connection to Heaven. God bless you Betty.  Thank you for helping me to be at peace. 


Nancy Rinsch

Freelandville, IN


Last summer around July or August, I came to see Betty with my friend. Honestly, I was a bit unsure and nervous at first. In the past, I had been misled and scammed by someone claiming to be psychic. My friend told me about you, and I trust her. So I did. When I first saw you, my nervousness and fear started to slip away... I explained to you that I just wanted to know about my future and my life.  You told me that I was very talented and would have success, but the first year or two would be a bit of struggle and it has been. I expressed my desire to just do what I love to do, and you guided me towards having a "day job" and that I could still be creative.  Thank you so much.

Jenness Jordan


I just wanted to say thank you so much for meeting with me this past Friday, as I am sure you could tell our session really meant a lot to me.  It was a very emotional time but the things that you knew and shared with me that day about my father in law that passed away not only helped me cope with a difficult situation but made my husband so happy (his smile was priceless).  When I told him what you said about the collections and that one gun in particular you mentioned with the detailed handle well, he knew exactly which one it was, ran to the closet, took it out and started telling me all about it, it was a very proud moment for him.  You also really helped my mother in law, even though she wasn’t there she feels a huge burden has been lifted and she can now be at peace and not worry about the untimely death of her husband ‘the guilt is gone’.  Again – it was an incredible experience for me and I hope to see you again in the future.  I will also be sending you all of my friends and family!! There are always those people who are skeptical - I myself have never been one but you have no doubt confirmed my beliefs – and those of everyone I have talked to in the past two days!!!


Thanks Again,



You and I met in late July, when I was having difficulty finding a new job (as I'd quit mine a few months before) and lamenting over the fact that I had not yet found another person (that special person) with whom to share my life.  I had only just moved to Portland, Maine, a courageous move that was very uncharacteristic for me.  I told you that I was running out of time; if I didn't find a job soon, I'd have to move home.  You assured me that a new career was in my future, within the next three to four months you said.  And, you were right.  In late September, when I only had a hundred dollars to my name, I received a phone call letting me know that a position I had applied for a few months before (a position I had really wanted) was open again.  I was offered the job over the phone.  Because I had had such a fantastic interview the first time around, I wasn't asked to interview again.  Wow!

You also told me that I would find love in the next three to four months.  But, I didn't believe you (even though you assured me that it really was coming).  But, the same day that I was offered the job I really wanted, I had a blind date with a gentleman named Brian (someone I met over MySpace, oddly enough).  He and I are still seeing one another (five weeks later), and he is "good to me," as you suggested he would be.  He and I share many of the same interests and, like me, he wants children (something that you and I discussed at length).  Though I can't predict whether or not he is the man with whom I will have the two children you mentioned, he is somebody with whom I could see myself spending a significant portion of my life.  Wow (again)!

I came to you at my whit's end but walked away with hope.  I said to my friend Kati (a girl for whom you also did a reading that day) that, even if only a fraction of what you said came true, I would be very happy in the next three to four months.  And very happy I am!  I am making good progress on my first book and am hoping that your predictions about its success will be as spot-on as all of the other predictions you made that day.  You suggested that I would, after completing this book, write another.  I remember thinking (when you said that) that I'd never finish this one.  But, I really am making good progress and am already thinking about what the next will be about.  And, I am trying to keep the dark, emotional material to a minimum, as you suggested (which is, at times, hard for me).    

Thanks so much!  I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the future.  I tell all my friends about you!


Portland, ME


Dear Betty,

I came to see you on August 26th with my friend, Kathy, from Exeter, NH. I was visiting her from the Philadelphia area and you did readings for us on that day. I don’t expect you to remember me, as I’m sure that you see many, many faces every week. I was the girl that had a “thing” for the “rock star” and we had just seen him the night before we came to see you. He had been a real jerk to both of us and I was still reeling from that night when I was in your office. You told me not to fear, that my love was coming into my life very soon, but that I had to get over the rock star first.

Well, I want you to know that I have gotten over the rock star once and for all and I also wanted to tell you that I am in complete awe of the accuracy of much of the reading that you gave me on that day. You told me that you saw illness for my father and right now he is very, very ill. We are not sure if he will even get out of intensive care at this point. He’s got a very weak heart and they recently found that he has stage 4 lymphoma. So, I am doing what you advised me and visiting him as much as I can.

You mentioned my children and said that my son would be very active in his new school and this is very true. He’s involved in the music program and spends a lot of his time after school. He’s so busy that he doesn’t have much spare time which is a good thing when you are 15.

My daughter, you mentioned that she was in a very unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend and that was and is still true. While she has recently moved out of their apartment, she is still seeing him. You were right, she really needs some direction in her life. She seems to be very mixed up. You also said that she was having financial difficulty. It was only a few weeks later that I found out that she was definitely having financial issues. She has since gotten a better job. She’s not in college yet, but she keeps talking about going back.

You said that I’d have a job change in the new year. I had an opportunity to leave my current employment and go to another company and I almost did, but decided to stay here because it is more secure and they were also not offering enough to make me want to leave. However, I am moving on to a new project, so that is probably the new position you were referring to. I am also going to be starting evening college in a couple weeks and you did tell me that I’d be doing something that I really wanted to do. This is something that I’ve been waiting for a long time.

I am having to deal with some of the legal issues right with the divorce and a few other small things, but other than that and my father’s illness, everything else seems to be going relatively well.

In any case, I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me on August 26th. It has kept me going all this time and the little things that happen, that you don’t even realize, make me stop and that and say… “Betty told me that this could happen and it did.”

Thank you again, Betty for everything.

God Bless,
January 13, 2004


 Betty helped me at a time in my life when I needed guidance and clarity. I had tough decisions to make and she really helped me.

 Isabelle LaFrance
, Maine


My son Eugene had been in a tragic accident at the age of 13 years old. He had terrible seizures after that for many years. I went to see Betty for a reading and at that time I asked her if he would live for a while and would the seizures get worse. Betty told me that the seizures would stop. After the readings, they stopped for 10 years. He died at 40 years old from kidney failure. Betty asked me, “Aren’t you concerned about your daughter?” And I said that yes, I was. She said my daughter was in a lot of danger. She asked me to pick 7 tarot cards. She told me my daughter’s boyfriend scares her and beats her and has her hooked on drugs. I told Betty she wouldn’t listen to me. I kept telling her to get away from him. I told her I was going to court because he was arrested for beating her. Betty said while I was in court to knit her that green sweater she wants and to tell her I love her and eventually she will trust me and leave him. Ever since that we have been very close and she’s happy and drug-free.

Anna Steine
, MA


Charlotte told me that I could use the following information I gave her as a testimonial.

On August 15, 2003 her daughter, Amie Riley, disappeared. She was last seen outside of a bar in Manchester, NH on that evening. Her mother came to see me in the winter. She wanted to know if I felt her daughter was dead and would they find the body. I told her that her daughter had been murdered and that her body would be found the following Spring. I saw that the body was encased in ice and that it would discovered near a small body of water when the ice thawed. Charlotte thanked me as it had helped her to find closure.

Amie’s body was found at the end of April the following Spring (2004). Her body was found near a small pond in about four feet of water off Interstate 293. Her death was ruled a homicide.


Click here for the article printed in the The Union Leader.


Charlotte Riley
Chester, NH


Julie Mabrecoe came to see me regarding her daughter-in-law. She told me that her daughter needs a donor egg in order to conceive a child. I told her that would be pregnant on her own very soon. She had a beautiful baby girl. They all call her the miracle baby.


Patricia Bedford from Concord, NH was 46 years old and was attempting to conceive her first child. Patricia was told that even with an invitro procedure she would only have a 10% change of conceiving. I told her that the first time the procedure was completed that she would be pregnant. After the first procedure she conceived and now has a beautiful baby boy.


I have been going to Betty for years, ever since I was a teenager.  Her readings were always very insightful and honest.  Recently, I was in NH on vacation and saw Betty for a short reading.  I mentioned that I was going to play BINGO with my mother that night.  Betty looked at me and said, “Well, one of you is going to win.”  I passed this off as more of a “good luck” wish than a prediction, as I have never won in the 10 years I have played.  Sure enough, I went that night and walked away with $457.  I even got to yell BINGO on my lucky number 9. 


Kellie Gaydos

Clarksville, TN


I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful reading.  It has helped me and Ray quite a bit.  We were at a stalemate with some decisions that were demanding attention.  You gave us confidence to move forward.  For that I will be eternally grateful.  Again, thank you so much for the time you took for us in your busy day.  I will definitely have to come back for another reading.  You have a calming effect on us what was wonderful and an energy about you that is full of light and love.  I appreciate you and all that you do for all of us out here.

Marion Gherson


I have seen you a few times over the years in Portsmouth and have been impressed with your abilities.  I even called you a few years ago after getting a SCARY “reading” from an old gypsy lady here in Atlanta.  You called me back and told me to relax, that you could that I was just fine and to pay her any mind.  So sweet of you! 


Atlanta, GA


I came to Betty lost and wandering.  She quickly reassured me that things would be okay.  I was dating a bunch of the wrong people.  She said I would meet someone within six months and my life would never be the same.  We would be married in six months!  Sure enough, six months later, I was married and I couldn’t be happier.  This past reading, Betty told me I would be pregnant in four months… to be continued…


Satellite Beach, FL


You spoke of a man coming to me in November/December and that he would have something to do with music.  Well, no one came, but as my friends reminded me, I didn’t put myself out in the social life either.  Anyways, it still happened I believe, just not in those two months.  In January, I received an email from my best friend of 23 years… who also happens to be my first and one true love.  Well, it just so happened that moved back to our town of Newport, RI and was getting a divorce.  He told me how he thinks about me A LOT and was wondering what could have been.  He is looking forward to getting together and talking to me.  I also found out that he used to be a singer.


Newport, RI


Peter Gammo came to Betty for a reading in 2001.  Betty told him that in four to six weeks a common friends would introduce him to a nice girl.  She would be nice looking, and 5’2” and light haired.She wouldn’t live far from him and make decent money.  She would own her own home and they would both like each other right away.  She would love to travel and both were in no hurry.  Approximately one year after meeting they would get married.  All of the above has come true and now Peter and his wife are very happy.


To my surprise, Betty told me that I would be moving back East this summer and my husband would have a new job.  My husband was offered the new job back there, but has decided to keep this one out here.  Hopefully that was a good move.  We have decided to move back East as planned, as that is where our hearts want to be.  Just wanted to say thank you for your insights and the reading.  I found it very comforting to contact my mother, who passed away a couple of years ago.

Peg Roberts


I was very moved by my reading with Betty.  It was especially emotional to hear from my father, but most gratifying.  Thank you for the blessings for my reading.



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